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fall out boy, paramore and justin timberlake on the iTunes top 10 charts wow hello 2006 

i wasnt even alive in 2006


why the fuck is a six year old on tumblr


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People can probably bake me a mac and cheese pie, and I’d probably be extremely over joyed by it.

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My co-worker once told me that I eat a lot of mac and cheese. And I’m like, fuck you! I’m a grown up! I can eat all the mac and cheese I want.

And candy. I can also eat all the candy that I want as well…

Been extremely inspired these past couple of days… The new chapter might come sooner than expected.


Why is it that human babies seem to be the only kind of babies that have a good and unbelievable-horrible-please-make-it-stop mode? Puppy, kitten, sheep, narwhal and baby dragon cries are all heart-touching and makes me want to coo them to rest so why does a human baby screech make me want to chop off my ears and get my lady bits carved out?!!

Are you my twin? LOL!